About Me

Welcome to the Washington Flyer blog! My name is Tanya Black and I’m a proud lifelong resident of the Washington DC area. I love everything that this city and its surrounding areas have to offer, including great restaurants, nightlife, waterfront attractions, and of course the many displays of our country’s heritage.

This city has been home to my family for many years as my parents met while both were working in the nation’s capital. I grew up in the heart of DC and have loved it since I was a child. After college, I returned to my roots here, got a job and an apartment, and am now settled comfortably in my own home. I love nothing more than touring the Smithsonian and National Mall, and trust me when I say that DC has the best holiday fireworks and parades in the country!

While the city offers much to see and do, I know it can be a little overwhelming to navigate its many festivals and attractions. Even lifelong residents like me can sometimes miss a museum or restaurant opening! Because I want every tourist and resident to really enjoy the DC area, I decided to start this blog and share my experiences in getting around the city and nearby areas.

As a DC homeowner, hobbyist, and music lover, I’m also happy to talk about all the ups and downs in finding the contractors you need to keep your DC home or apartment in tiptop shape. There’s so much to talk about when it comes to DC living that I hope you subscribe and stop back often. Thanks for sharing the journey with me!